As part of an assessment for a company, I received a problem statement which looked like this-

Assessment problem statement that I received

Prior to this, I knew that Spring Boot could be used for rapid development of a backend service, but I had never worked on any project involving it. After some consultation and discussion with a few of my peers about Spring Boot, and reading up about how Spring Boot can be used for developing production-ready servers, I set out to conquer the world of Spring to build out my APIs.

One week and a massive amount of frantic Googling later, I had my…

Be it the ‘Recommendations for you’ section on Amazon or the ‘Other movies you might enjoy’ category on Netflix, more often than not, we find ourselves scanning the recommendations and being pleasantly surprised to find items we were looking for or movies which favour our tastes. So, how did they do it? Two words, Recommender Systems.

A system that makes automatic recommendations by considering the tastes and preferences of users to ensure that the most relevant items are presented to them is a Recommender System. …

Vaibhavi Pai

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